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Fuel Totaliser Specification


Need to measure the amount of fuel used using an accurate flow meter and display this inside the car.

  • Flow meter has a reed switch output for a given flow, which is 200 pulses = 1 litre
  • ¬†Measure up to 100 litres, so need to count 20,000 pulses
  • Display the current consumption total on an in car display to 1 decimal place
  • When refuelling, need to be able to reset the total by a push button held down for approx. 3 seconds.
  • The count needs to be non-volatile if power is lost.
  • Upload the total to an FTP site / HTTP POST site with a configurable frequency (approx. 1-10 times per minute) – (either dedicated MiFi or phone hotspot)
  • Future requirement : output a voltage level depending on current total so this can be fed into an external data logger


  • Pulse from flow meter, 200 pulses = 1 litre
  • Push button – 3 second push to reset count


  • Total litres used on display (BIG FONT)
  • Total pulses (SMALL FONT) (If using LCD)
  • Write current total/pulses/time to file
  • Upload total litres/pulses/time to FTP/HTTP site
  • Voltage output – level depending on litre total


  • Rasberry Pi as compute device
  • Andriod as compute device
  • Phidget VINT hub as input/output interface
  • Phidget Graphic LCD for ‘posh’ out – allows more scope for future?
  • 7 segment LCD display – cheaper option – could be clearer in car?
  • Andriod option such as Samsumng Note would have power/display – could use on-the-go usb interface to VINT hub?
  • phyton option for Rasberry
  • java option for Andriod


Flow Meter details…-1-50-max-80-litre-hr–1.html?category_id=75

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