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VMware: Delete Orphaned VMs

Sometimes when you delete a VM, you will see in vCenter the machine doesn’t get removed fully.

You will see ServerName (orphaned).

There are a few ways to attempted to delete the VM:

Deleting an orphaned virtual machine when the Remove option is not available (1011468):


How to delete VM’s from vSphere Client if they are stuck?


Use PowerCLI to Delete VM

  1. Open PowerShell as Administrator
  2. Ensure the PowerCLI is imported:
    Import-Module VMware.PowerCLI
  3. Connect to vCenter:
    Connect VI-Server <FQDN of vCenter>
  4. Display list of VMs:
  5. Delete VM:
    Remove-VM <VM to delete>

NB: If the VM name has spaces, then make sure you surround the name in quotes.